September’s Challenge

Eating out is expensive, that’s old news. New news is how much the Rohals spent in eating out this summer. #brokeassrohals

Chip wagons, fruity iced teas, decadent butter tarts, Kawartha ice cream, quick and easy takeout for dinner… The list is endless.

And it needs to end.

Or at least take a short break.

That’s why (while eating $58 worth of Swiss Chalet at a rest stop) all 4 of us pledged to not eat out for the entire month of September. It’s completely attainable, and only requires a few small skills: willpower and preparation.

Like the Olympics – but for lazy folks.

I like cooking, I just hate when I cook the meals that the kids hate-so-much. Which is hard to avoid seeing as how I’m not psychic. And I don’t mind making whatever everyone decides on, I just need to have food in the fridge to do that. So my challenge is preparation.

The kids and Matt enjoy eating at home when I’m not making meals the kids hate-so-much, and they do like healthy foods, but their challenge is willpower. The girls are impulsive and “need” to eat wherever we go. And Matt’s never met a chip wagon he didn’t love. So, willpower.

But, before you give us our gold medals, know that we’ve accounted for a few exceptions.

1. Matt doesn’t take his lunch, and I’m not about to try and convince him to. At 42, it’s a lost cause. So he’s committed to buying healthier options in the less than $10 bracket.

2. Every year we look forward to fresh, homemade pecan pie at the McKellar Fall Fair, and dammit we’re going to have our pie and eat it too.

3. On the first day of school, the cool moms I love the most go for lunch to celebrate making it another summer with all kids still intact and breathing. Traditions, right?

Day 1

So far today, we impulsively wanted to get ice cream, but caught ourselves. Not bad for day one. But not easy when we think of how often we “just get something to eat on the way” either. It’s going to be a long weekend, and a long December.

Pray for us.

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